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Breathe new life into your heating systems

Renew Your Heating Efficiency with TITAN Catalytic Refurbishment Services

Over time, wear and tear can diminish the efficiency of your heaters, leading to increased energy costs and reduced performance. Our refurbishment services offer a cost-effective solution to restore your equipment to optimal functionality, saving you time, money, and hassle.

The Refurbishment Process:

Our refurbishment process begins with a thorough assessment of your equipment to identify areas for improvement. We then customize a refurbishment plan tailored to your specific needs and budget. With meticulous attention to detail, our technicians execute the refurbishment, using only high-quality replacement parts and industry-leading techniques. TITAN offers refurbishment services, including the replacement of platinum catalytic pads and preheat elements for TITAN heaters and other manufacturers including:

  • Vulcan Systems
    • Vulcan Catalytic
    • Heraeus
    • PED
  • IPE / Industrial Process
  • Equipment
  • Monark Equipment
  • Solar Products
  • Wisconsin Oven
  • Trimac Systems
  • Bruest Catalytic Heaters

Benefits of Refurbishment:

Refurbishing your heating equipment offers numerous benefits, including improved energy efficiency, reduced operating costs, and enhanced reliability. By investing in refurbishment, you can prolong the lifespan of your equipment, avoid costly replacements, and minimize downtime. Additionally, refurbishment aligns with sustainability goals by reducing waste and promoting resource conservation.

Industries We Serve:

Our refurbishment services cater to a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and more. Whether you operate a small workshop or a large-scale production facility, our team is equipped to handle refurbishment projects of any size and complexity.

How to Refresh the Catalyst Pad in your TITAN Catalyst Heater​

These repairs can restore the heater to its original specifications. It is recommended to have these repairs done in our shop to ensure proper testing and specifications. However, if the customer prefers, we can send the parts for their staff to rebuild if they have the proper skills. Upon special request, one of our technicians may be sent to complete the refurbishment in the field.

Catalytic heaters are an important component of industrial gas infrared ovens. These heaters use catalytic technology to convert natural gas or propane into heat energy, which is then radiated onto the product being heated. Over time, catalytic heaters can become worn or damaged, which can reduce their efficiency and output. Refurbishing catalytic heaters can help extend their lifespan and improve their performance.

The process of refurbishing catalytic heaters typically involves several steps. First, the heaters are inspected to determine the extent of any damage or wear. This may involve disassembling the heaters and examining their internal components. Once the condition of the heaters has been assessed, any damaged or worn components are replaced. This may include replacing the catalytic elements, as well as any other components that may be damaged or worn, such as the ignition system or gas valves. Once any necessary repairs have been made, the heaters are reassembled and tested to ensure they are functioning properly.

There are several benefits to refurbishing catalytic heaters for industrial gas infrared ovens. These benefits include:

  1. Improved efficiency: Refurbishing catalytic heaters can help improve their efficiency, which can lead to lower operating costs and energy savings.

  2. Increased lifespan: Refurbishing catalytic heaters can help extend their lifespan, which can help reduce the need for costly replacements.

  3. Improved performance: Refurbishing catalytic heaters can help improve their performance, which can lead to better product quality and consistency.

  4. Enhanced safety: Refurbishing catalytic heaters can help ensure that they are functioning safely, which can help reduce the risk of accidents or injuries in the workplace.

Overall, refurbishing catalytic heaters is a cost-effective way to improve the performance and lifespan of industrial gas infrared ovens. It is important to work with a qualified technician or service provider who has experience with catalytic heater refurbishment to ensure that the process is completed safely and effectively.