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Industrial IR Catalytic Heating Technology

We offer the latest long-wave to medium-wave infrared heating technology to ensure your process has the best uniformity, turndown, and reliability of any heater on the market. At TITAN, our expert engineers can assess your production process and create a cost-effective solution to streamline your operations.

Faster Curing Times

Adopting Gas Catalytic IR technology into your production process can save up to 66% in curing time.

Cheaper Operations & Energy Costs

Switching your fuel from Electric IR to Gas Catalytic IR can reduce the Kilowatt cost to 2-3 cents/ KW and save up to 50% in overall costs.

Reduce Emissions

Implementing our Gas Catalytic Systems can reduce your environmental impact by 45% or more!

TITAN Technology

Safe heating without an external spark or flame

the future of infrared heating technology

TITAN’s catalytic heating technology provides the best in both high heat output and control, producing very low levels of even heat that allow even distribution for curing on heat-sensitive substrates. This innovative technology allows you to introduce natural gas (IP or butane) which will then trigger a chemical reaction that extracts the full BTU value out of the gas without a flame.


Our products are Made in America and utilize Ultra-Low Emissions.


Benefits of Gas Catalytic Heating


reduction in cure time


reduction in overall costs


or more, reduction in footprint


Quality Products Built to Last a Lifetime

TITAN catalytic heaters and ovens provide a unique and powerful solution for customers looking for better control over their heating systems. Investing in catalytic heating can result in significant cost and time savings, as well as environmental and space-saving benefits.

Save time, money, space, and energy!

TITAN-Catalytic and NIKO Conveyors have teamed up to provide a 360° solution, offering versatile Conveyor Systems and Gas IR Catalytic Heaters and Ovens. Together, these products allow users to easily configure complex handling systems.

Streamline your curing systems with an overhead conveyor solution

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