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Meet TITAN-Catalytic:

Leaders in Next-Generation Gas Catalytic Ovens

TITAN-Catalytic was established by a team of gas catalytic specialists, dedicated to surpassing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of conventional convection ovens. Teaming up with ETTER Engineering and NIKO Conveyors, we harness a wealth of industry expertise to deliver tailored solutions meeting each facility’s unique needs.

Our gas catalytic ovens outperform traditional convection models with quicker heating times and steadfast temperature control, resulting in expedited production and elevated product quality. Furthermore, our commitment extends to exceptional customer support, ensuring assistance is just a phone call away Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm EST.



TITAN-Catalytic Infrared Oven on display

Long-Wave Infrared Gas Catalytic Heaters and Ovens

Elevating Industrial Heating with Innovative Design and Enhanced Performance

TITAN is proud producer of one of the most efficient long-wave Infrared Gas Catalytic Heaters and Ovens available. Our unique parabolic design ensures uniform heat distribution, resulting in faster processing times compared to traditional ovens. The reflector oven feature further boosts efficiency by directing heat back onto the product, minimizing energy consumption.

ETTER Engineering has been a leader in Process Heating and Combustion Solutions since 1940. Utilizing this expertise and insourcing all of the key designs and fabrications of a Catalytic Heater/Oven, we are able to provide a streamlined process for all of the key aspects of an oven project – from concept to commission.

  • Oven Design and Modular Fabrication
  • Control Cabinets
  • Gas Management
  • Valve Trains integrated with PLC systems for custom applications

NIKO Conveyors has partnered with TITAN-Catalytic to provide a 360° solution, utilizing versatile Conveyor Systems that are compatible with Gas IR Catalytic Ovens. Together, these products allow users to easily configure complex handling systems.

  • Powder & Paint Finishing Lines
  • Paper & Textile Industry
  • Thermoforming Applications
  • Dehydrated Food & Organics
  • Many Other Products & Processes
  • ETTER Engineering is a UL-508A Certified Control Panel Fabricator, with all panels built in-house, UL-Labeled, and serviced by our trained technicians.
  • 30 years of catalytic applications in the Finishing Industry, with systems installed on 6 continents.
  • 8-man team with over 125 years of combined Gas Fired Catalytic IR application experience with in-house gas management and fabrication of Valve Trains.
  • 6-man Combustion Service Group with extensive industrial combustion and process heating experience, ready to travel to your facility for troubleshooting and service.
  • In-house PLC and HMI Touchscreen Programming across multiple platforms (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Automation Direct, Red Lion).
  • Zone Control Modules from the entrance to exit, top to bottom eliminate part-temperature inconsistencies.

We offer free testing to ensure our product meets your needs and goals. Want to know how quickly a part gels or cures? Our Catalytic Ovens can do the job in 2/3 less time than a convection oven. Send us your samples today for a free test!

Over three decades of expertise in Catalytic Applications

Experience unparalleled efficiency and reliability with TITAN's infrared gas catalytic heaters and ovens, tailored to meet the demands of diverse applications within the finishing industry.

Lead Mechanical Engineer Alex Hansen conducts a test project at TITAN-Catalytic facilities.
Sales Manager, John Martin shows off the reflection of the material of the TITAN-Catalytic oven.

Trusted By Growing Industry Leaders

Ready To Give Your Production Line A Makeover?

NIKO Overhead Conveyor Systems

NIKO Conveyors equipment revolutionizes material handling by delivering unparalleled efficiency and flexibility to your production processes. NIKO solutions are customized to be sustainable low-maintenance systems that optimize production lines, enhancing quality, and boosting financial returns.

Streamline your curing systems with an overhead conveyor solution

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We understand how important it is to have a reliable curing process, and we're confident that TITAN-Catalytic can provide that. Whatever your application is we can benchmark your current process against Gas Catalytic IR. This will allow us to show you that we can solve your curing problems and design a properly configured solution.

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Parts testing is available at our plant in Bristol, Connnecticut