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Annual Service Protocol

One of the key advantages of TITAN-Catalytic Heaters and Ovens is their low-maintenance requirements. For a standard installation, TITAN’s Annual Maintenance Protocol is as follows:

1. Operations:

2. Safety Checks:

3. Spare Parts:

4. Scope of Work:

For a typical oven, the Operations Check per 1.0 should take three to six hours, depending on the number of zones, and access to the ZCMs. The Safety Checks per 2.0 should take four to eight hours, based on the number of modules and thermo-switch circuits.

5. Pricing:

$155/hour, plus travel & expenses. Typical Spare Parts pricing based on 3 through 3.5 is approximately $700. Spare parts for Section 3.6 average $1,900 but will depend on oven size and features.